An Approach of the Transformer Modeling in order to Simulate the Behavior of a Welding Machine

V. Coman and A. Buta (Romania)


Modeling transformer, ferromagnetic hysteresis, welding working conditions, PSPICE.


A PSPICE model is established by taking into account the non-linear behavior of the magnetic core. The model structure is presumed and then the parameters are evaluated. For this purpose tests were performed over an actual transformer. Next, the phenomena happening in the transformer are investigated. Thus, through simulation done over the model, the core saturation, the core hysteresis and the electromagnetic induction phenomenon can be analyzed. Particularly, the spot resistance welding transformer is usually included into a welding machine, along with a phase-controlled source (containing 2 thyristors), and an external circuit (containing the arms and the welding components). To establish a method able to accurately simulate the behavior over a wide range of working conditions of such a welding machine becomes very important.

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