Online Learning: Bright Spots for Students with Learning Disabilities

M. Shonfeld and I. Ronen (Israel)


Learning Disabilities (LD), Online learning, Pre-service students, WBI, Web based learning


The aim of the study was to find the pros and cons of an online course for pre-service teachers with LD (Learning Disabilities). In light of the importance of online learning as a teaching tool, a three year study was planned to face the challenge of adapting an online course to LD students. The course, "Science Education", is part of the teachers training program for k-2 pre-service teachers. The online course focuses on constructing a science teaching unit and is based mainly on learning scientific concepts, fostering lab skills through relevant experiments, and finally practicing it in school. This study carefully reports on a slight but explicitly constant edge of LD students' achievements in comparison to `Regular` students.

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