Robust Fault-Tolerant Finite-Time Stabilization of Switched Systems with Asynchronous Switching

Ronghao Wang, Jianchun Xing, Ping Wang, Qiliang Yang, and Zhe Cao


Finite-time, asynchronous switching, switched system, average dwell-time, fault-tolerant


In this paper, we investigate the robust fault-tolerant finite time stabilization problem of switched system with asynchronous switching. The asynchronous switching idea originates from the fact that switching instants of the controllers lag behind or exceed those of subsystems. The attention is focused on designing a robust fault-tolerant asynchronously switched controller that guarantees the finite time stability of dynamic system. At first, on the basis of finite-time stability theory and multiply Lyapunov function approach, a finite-time stabilizable condition related to dwell time is established. Secondly, the problem of fault-tolerant control for switched systems with asynchronous switching is investigated and a fault-tolerant asynchronously switched controller is designed to guarantee finite-time stability of the switched systems. Furthermore, the design method of feedback controller is proposed to ensure robust finite-time stability of the closed-loop system for all admissible uncertainties and actuator fault. Finally, a numerical simulation shows the effectiveness of the obtained results.

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