Biomechanics    (BioMech 2004)

August 23 – 25, 2004
Honolulu, USA
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
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Track Gait and Motion Analysis FreeSubscription
463-018 Influence of Biomechanical Properties of the Arm on End-Point Kinematics
N. Dounskaia, D. Wisleder, T. Johnson, and G.E. Stelmach (USA)
463-027 Research of the Influence of Deformations and Errors of Prostheses on the Disabled Human's Gait
M. Mariunas and I. Trimonis (Lithuania)
463-034 Production of Angular Momentum for Backward Somersault
Ž. Hraski and M. Mejovšek (Croatia)
463-041 Effects of Different Backpacks, Weight and Location on Static and Dynamic Stability in Children
N.R. Talbott, A. Bhattacharya, and K. Davis (USA)
463-051 Recognition of Daily Ambulatory Movements utilizing Accelerometer and Barometer
Y. Ohtaki, H. Inooka, K. Sagawa, A. Suzuki, X. Zhan, M. Okutsu, and R. Nagatomi (Japan)
463-054 MR Imaging of Shear Waves Induced by Moving Needle
Q.C.C. Chan, G. Li (PRC), R.L. Ehman, R.C. Grimm (USA), G. Cao, R. Li, and E.S. Yang (PRC)
Track Injury and Rehabilitation FreeSubscription
463-035 An Original 3-D Cycle Ergometer (3-DCE) for Three-Axial Force Measurements
G. Mimmi, C. Rottenbacher, L. Frosini, and A. Negri (Italy)
463-048 Forces of Expert and Novice Practitioners during Flexion-Distraction Chiropractic Treatment
M.R. Gudavalli and J.M. Cox (USA)
463-055 Energy Flow in the Human Head Subjected to Impact Loading
Z. Zong, H.P. Lee, and C. Lu (Singapore)
Track Orthopedics FreeSubscription
463-015 Measurement of Ligament's Deformation by Arthroscopy
S. Hirokawa and S. Miyagano (Japan)
463-020 On Incorporation Shape Priors into Geodesic Active Contours for Segmentation
Y. Jiang (Canada)
463-022 Measurement of Human Metacarpals on Radiographs – An Engineering Perspective
L.Y. Zhai, S.M. Chou, B.H. Lim, A. Chong, and I. Tsou (Singapore)
463-031 Vertebral Trabecular Tissue Modulus of Goat as Compared to Human using Ultrasonic and MicroCT Approach
J.C.M. Teo, A.Z.C. Png, and S.H. Teoh (Singapore)
463-039 A 3D Kinematic Measurement of Knee Prosthesis using Single Plane Projection Images (Estimation for a Tibio-Femoral Relative Motion, and an Incorporative Use of Geometric Articulation Model)
S. Hirokawa, S. Ariyoshi, T. Kawata, and A. Sato (Japan)
463-047 Evaluation of Mechanical Robustness of a Vertebral Bone
M. Koseki, N. Inou, M. Jonishi, K. Maki, and H. Murayama (Japan)
463-049 Stiffness Modulus Changes during Tibial Fracture Healing: Implications for Computational Analyses
V. Vijayakumar, J. Hardy (UK), R. Varsalona (Italy), and T.N. Gardner (UK)
Track Neuromuscular Control FreeSubscription
463-017 Analytical Framework for Jerk Minimization in a Single-Link Biomechanical Model with Feedback Delays
A. Roy and K. Iqbal (USA)
463-028 Influence of Muscle's Fatigue to Its Biosignals' Characteristics
M. Mariunas and K. Kojelyte (Lithuania)
463-033 Mechanisms Underlying Impaired Voluntary Movement of Spastic Joint
M.M. Mirbagheri and W.Z. Rymer (USA)
Track The Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems FreeSubscription
463-005 Effect of Filtration Flow on Platelet Adhesion – An Experimental Model Study
X. Deng and H. Zhang (PRC)
463-006 Numerical Simulation of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Transport in Arterial Stenoses
X. Deng (PRC, Canada), N. Fatouraee, and R. Guidoin (PRC)
463-008 Sensitivity Analysis of 3D MRI-based Models for Atherosclerotic Plaques
D. Tang (USA), C. Yang (PRC), J. Zheng, P.K. Woodard, J.E. Saffitz, G.A. Sicard, T.K. Pilgram, and C. Yuan (USA)
463-032 Improving Mechanical Properties of Collagen Constructs through Mechanical and Biochemical Stimuli
Y. Shi and I. Vesely (USA)
463-036 A Study on the Wave Propagation Property – I: Comparisons between Long and Short Elastic Tubes with Radial Resonance Model
P.T. Chao, H. Hsiu, M.Y. Jan, T.L. Hsu, and W.K. Wang (Taiwan)
463-037 A Study on the Wave Propagation Property – II: In Arterial System of Rats
H. Hsiu, P.T. Chao, W.C. Hsu, M.Y. Jan, and W.K. Wang (Taiwan)
463-038 A Study on the Wave Propagation Property – III: With Loop and Microcirculation
M.Y. Jan, J.G. Bau, H. Hsiu, P.T. Chao, W.K. Wang, and Y.Y.L. Wang (Taiwan)
463-045 Optimal Respiratory Simulator and Automatic Ventilation Device based on WOB Feedback
S.-L. Lin, H.-C. Yeh, and S.-T. Tzeng (Taiwan)
463-800 Effect of Internal Pressure on the Force Requirement for Deforming a Shunt to Control Flow for Univentricular Cardiac Anomalies
N.V. Thuramalla, W.I. Douglas, and C.F. Knapp (USA)
Track Modelling FreeSubscription
463-019 Computational Modelling of Biomechenical Behaviour of Skeletal Elements and Implants
J. Jira, O. Jiroušek, and J. Jírová (Czech Republic)
463-030 New Approaches to Computational Modeling of the Cardiac Valves
T. Doehring, D. Einstein, A. Freed, M.-J. Pindera, A. Saleeb, and I. Vesely (USA)
463-044 Inverse Parameter Fitting of Biological Tissues: A Response Surface Methodology
D.R. Einstein, A.D. Freed, and I. Vesely (USA)
463-046 Automated Individual Modeling Method based on the Multi-sliced Images
N. Inou, M. Koseki, M. Jonishi, and K. Maki (Japan)
Track Cellular Biomechanics and Soft Tissues FreeSubscription
463-023 A Novel Device for Sectioning Prostate in Correlation to MRI
Y.H. Ma, L.S.J. Phee, H.C. Thng, H.P. Tan, J. Yuen, S.W. Ng, and C.W.S. Cheng (Singapore)
463-026 An Atlas-based Approach for Prediction and Analysis of the Brain Deformation
A. Roy, W.L. Nowinski, and F.E.H. Tay (Singapore)
463-042 Design and Fabrication of a Polymer MEMS Cell Force Sensor for Measuring Single Cell Biomechanics
N. Ferrell, J. Woodard, and D. Hansford (USA)
463-053 Micromechanics of Tumor Cell Adhesion and Migration under Dynamic Flow Conditions
C. Dong, M. Slattery, and S. Liang (USA)
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
463-029 Development of a Composite, Tissue Engineered Aortic Valve
Y. Shi, A. Ramamurthi, L. Rittman, and I. Vesely (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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