Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications / 747: Human-Computer Interaction    (IMSA,HCI 2011)

May 16 – 18, 2011
Washington, DC, USA
Editor(s): N.J. Sarhan, M.H. Hamza
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Track Multimedia Libraries and Resource Management FreeSubscription
746-008 How to Construct Digital Libraries with Subject Characteristics
Jianping Liu, Huilan Chen, and Zaixing Ren
746-031 A Novel System for Searching Image Databases using Evolutionary Algorithms
Waleed Farag
746-006 A Web-based Video Library and Annotation Framework for Marine Biology Surveys
Asif Rahman and Oge Marques
746-029 An Integrated Equipment Monitoring and Control System for Urban Rail Transit Network
Jialiang Zhang, Jianguo Yang, Hua Zhang, and Hu Zhou
Track Multimedia Coding, Storage, and Delivery FreeSubscription
746-014 Designing a Plug-n-Play Multi-Purpose Smart Card based Secure USB Token
Asad Ali, Karen Lu, Mehdi Asnaashari, and Phong Manh
746-030 Applications in the Brazilian Digital Television System:The Community Sends News via Interactivity Channel
Joao Benedito dos Santos Junior, Kim Pontes Braga, Danilo Carneiro, and Mateus dos Santos
Track Web and Internet FreeSubscription
746-016 Cybersecurity a Global Threat to Cybercommunity: Comprehensive Model for Cybercrime Prevention and Controlling Measures
Namdeo V. Kalyankar and Sarla N. Kalyankar
746-019 Reactive Encapsulation Mappings in HIDRA
Scott M. Marshall, John M. Bellardo, Daniel Nelson, and Bryan Clevenger
746-018 Modeling Patterns for JavaScript Browser-based Games
Jarod C. Long and Raymond J. Toal
746-021 An Approach in Designing a News Engine for Local News Agencies
Arbana Kadriu
Track Context-Aware Systems FreeSubscription
746-003 Context-Aware System: CSULA Smart Parking (CSP)
Jiang Guo, John Hautzinger, Sae Rom Hong, and Rahul Ajit
746-004 Context Representation for Context-Aware Mobile Multimedia Content Recommendation
Abayomi M. Otebolaku and Maria T. Andrade
Track Improving Life Through Human-Computer Interaction FreeSubscription
747-005 A Rehabilitation System for Elbow Joint Neuromuscular Recovery
Tao Zheng, Wah K. Chan, and Yong Hu
747-009 Easy Life, Intelligent Systems, and Life 2.0: European Research on ICT for Aging Adults
Carrie B. Peterson and Neeli R. Prasad
747-039 Teaching a Special Education Student to Count Money with a Haptic Device
James A. Jezewski, Kimberly R. Latuszek, and Mehrdad H. Zadeh
747-032 Virtual-Reality Rehabilitation Utilizing a Haptic-Enabled Hand Function Test
Alexander Cermak, John K. Holmen, Mehrdad H. Zadeh, and Javad Dargahi
747-002 Cross-Cultural Information System Issues and Users’ Behaviour: A Case Study in the KSA
Mukhtar M. Rana, Mahdi H. Miraz, Mohammed Fakrudeen, and Harima Mubeen
747-015 The Importance of Peers for Visually Impaired Users of Social Media
Ingvar Tjostheim, Ivar Solheim, and Kristin S. Fuglerud
Track User Interfaces for Human-Computer Interaction FreeSubscription
747-037 Evaluation of Multi-Touch Techniques for Physically Simulated Virtual Object Manipulations in 3D Space
Paulo G. de Barros, Robert J. Rolleston, and Robert W. Lindeman
747-007 Isometric versus Elastic Surfboard Interfaces for Locomotion in Virtual Reality
Jia Wang and Robert W. Lindeman
747-019 The Snippet System - Fine-Granular Management of Documents and their Relationships
Laurent ALPHONSE Kirsch, Markus Esch, and Steffen Rothkugel
747-017 On the Identification of Musical Notes via Multimodal Interaction
Lance July, Edward Cana, and Mehrdad H. Zadeh
747-041 Investigation of Task based Gesture Recognition for Laser Actuated Presentation Systems
Atul Chowdhary, Subhajit Karmakar, Vivek Agrawal, and Sandip Sarkar
747-028 WristEye: Subtle Gesture Interaction through Wearable Camera
Stefano Carrino, Elena Mugellini, Omar Abou Khaled, and Rolf Ingold
Track Practical Applications of Human-Computer Interaction FreeSubscription
747-038 Deploying Contender: Early Lessons in Data, Measurement, and Testing of Multiple Call Flow Decisions
David Suendermann, Jackson Liscombe, Jonathan Bloom, Grace Li, and Roberto Pieraccini
747-030 Towards Effective Collaborative Analysis for Distributed Intrusion Detection
Xianlin Hu, Guanghua Song, Lane T. Harrison, Aidong Lu, Jinzhu Gao, and Weichao Wang
747-023 The Effects of Robot's Body Gesture and Gender in Human-Robot Interaction
Eunil Park, Ki Joon Kim, and Angel P. del Pobil
747-013 A Story-based Approach to Making Sense of Documents
Eric Bier, William Janssen, Patricia Wall, Jonas Karlsson, Tong Sun, Wei Peng, and Zahra Langford
747-036 A Control Approach of Unmanned Vehicle Driven by BCI
Xiaodong Zhang, Chen He, Yutao Yang, and Binghui Jia
747-042 Feasibility Assessment of a Novel Electroencephalography-based System for the Automatic Identification of User Product Prefernce
Randy E.S. Harnarinesingh and Chanan S. Syan
747-035 Activity Recognition using Incremental Learning
Rhia S. Trogo, Merlin T. Suarez, Nikka Jennifer Bautista, Manuel Cua, Jr., Jed Aureus Gonzales, and Marc Urquiola
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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