Model Structure of Generalized Load and Combined Method for Parameter Determination

Yuqing Jin, Changpei Gao, Bin Sun, Guosong Wang, Ping Ju, and Xiaowen Gu


load modeling, synthesis load model, generalized load model, parameter identification


The load region including both loads and power supplies is defined as generalized load. Any of the pure load models cannot represent the dynamic of the generalized load correctly, especially when the output of the power supplies is at a high level relative to the load. A generalized load model named SLM-G is presented in this paper. It consists of a synthesis load model paralleled with an equivalent generator branch. The method for the parameters determination of this model is proposed, which combines theoretical equivalence with measurement-based identification. Some field measurements of the generalized load in Guizhou Power Grid of China are introduced at the end of this paper.

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