Malware Detection System with Privacy Protection against Cloaking

Hiroshi Maeda and Ryuya Uda


Applications, Internet Tools, Network Security, Privacy Protection


Nowadays, malicious cloaking on web sites becomes a problem. Details on web sites are changeable according to IP addresses where users come from. Malwares on malicious sites can be temporarily eliminated when contents on the sites are scanned by virus detectors such as cyber polices or search engines, so that the malwares are just sent to victims such as ordinary PCs and smart phones. Especially, anti-virus software is not installed into smart phones in general since the software requires more CPU performance and more memory resources, particularly when generic or heuristic analysis is taken for detecting malwares. There are services which scan malwares instead of users' computers monitoring information passed through from a server to the computers. However, user's privacy is revealed in the services, and if on business use, secrets in business can be leaked. Therefore, we propose a system which prevents users' computers from taking malwares on cloaked web sites with keeping their privacy and secrets in safe.

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