Bringing Automated Spatio-Temporal Decision Making to 3rd Generation Surveillance Systems

Janne Merilinna, Mikko Nieminen, and Elisabeth Wetzinger


Knowledge Acquisition, Expert Systems, Complex Event Processing


Modern surveillance systems embody more stationary and mobile sensors, actuators and analytics software to cover wider areas of surveillance thus leading to more complex surveillance systems than ever before. As the systems tap into larger areas of surveillance, automation will also play a more significant role in intelligently reacting to threatening events. To tackle complexity, intelligent filtering and alarm semantic enrichment mechanisms for alarms are required to allow security personnel to concentrate on important events instead of redundant and meaningless alarms. Additionally, an automated planner is required to provide optimal solutions on reacting to events occurring in the surveillance area. In this paper we present a software component capable of spatio-temporal reasoning and planning to be integrated with a third generation surveillance system. The Milestone XProtect platform is utilized as an example legacy surveillance system.

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