Switching Capacitors for HV Generation

P.G. Maranesi and M. Riva (Italy)


HV Sources, Diode Capacitors Multiplier, Cockcroft Walton, HV Regulators Dynamics, Rectifiers/Multipliers.


Diode-capacitor multipliers are usually applied to reach high DC voltage levels. The paper shows how to get exact dynamic models of these circuits opening the possibility of overall characterization and effective control optimization of the HV sources. The buildings blocks of voltage multipliers are: the half wave rectifier, the full wave rectifier, the bridge rectifier, and the Cockcroft Walton cell. Each one of these circuits, in the small signal approximation, is modeled in the state space discrete time as a linear three port network. The models of diode capacitor multipliers and their transfer functions can be obtained considering the connections of the building blocks equivalent circuits and evaluating the state space matrices. A practical example of dynamic forecasts for a high voltage switching regulator is given and its compliance with the real life is shown by comparisons with experimental results.

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