Reliability Calculation Adapted to MV Rural Power Distribution Planning

Ž. Rajić and V. Filipović (Croatia)


Power delivery, modelling and simulation, power distribution planning, reliability, energy not supplied


In determining the optimal configurations of medium voltage (MV) power distribution networks it is often necessary to estimate the interrelation between the additional expenditures for construction of connecting lines enabling backup supply, and the energy not supplied costs. Comparison of difference in optimal total costs, consisting of energy not supplied costs and switching devices costs, between the situations without and with backup supply, to the connecting line costs in the concerned period, serves as a decision making criterion. This paper describes one simple method for this purpose. It presents the accurate and approximate expressions for calculation of MV feeder's energy not supplied. These expressions apply in general regardless of the type of installed switches and their mode of operation. Accuracy of the approximate calculation of energy not supplied was tested on a series of stochastically simulated MV feeders. Also, on the basis of the statistical analysis of results obtained, the factors are determined, which enhance the quality of the approximation procedure. To illustrate the enhanced method we used the example of a 10 kV MV feeder.

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