Simulink Reliability Model and Evaluation of the GM Rosario Argentina Paint Shop Plant's Power System

A. Malanot, D.O. Koval, W. Xu (Canada), and G. Zoratti (Argentina)


Simulink, reliability, power, plant, failure, outage duration


There is a recognized need in the power industry and manufacturing industries to be able to evaluate the reliability of complex integrated systems. Historically, the reliability results of different reliability methodologies varied significantly and comparisons were extremely difficult. Another difficulty in modelling complex system configurations is that many existing methodologies fail to account for the complex interactions between the plant processes and the reliability of the power delivery system. This paper presents a MatLab Simulink methodology that can readily accommodate these relationships. The methodology is applied to the GM Rosario Plant power delivery system in Argentina. The electrical equipment reliability data is based on IEEE Std. 493 (IEEE Gold Book).

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