Optimal Capacitor Placement Methodologies for Harmonically Polluted Networks

M. Ladjevardi, M.A.S. Masoum, and A. Jafarian (Iran)


Harmonics, capacitor banks, placement, MSS, LV, Fuzzy.


: Sizing and placement of fixed and switched capacitor banks under nonsinusoidal operating conditions is an optimization problem with discrete variables since nonlinear loads, coupling and interaction of harmonics, system losses, power quality constraints and capacitor cost must be considered. In this paper, three main techniques based on Local Variations (LV), Maximum Sensitivities Selection (MSS), and fuzzy theory are presented. Based on their natural characteristics, two improved algorithms (MSS-LV, Fuzzy-LV) are developed. Simulation results for the 18-bus IEEE distorted network shows the advantages and limitations of each method.

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