A Parallel Implementation for Real-time Transient Stability Simulation of Large-scale Power Systems

W. Xue, J. Shu, J. Yan, J. Tang, X. Wang, and Y. Han (PRC)


Parallel computation, Real-time simulation, Transient stability, Cluster system


With the rapid development of power system, on-line security analysis based on dynamic process simulation has become more and more important in power system operation. Transient stability analysis, which focuses on the simulation of short-time dynamic process after faults, is where the most intensive computation locates and also the bottleneck of on-line security analysis for large-scale power system. In this paper, based on power system regional characteristics, a multilevel task-scheduling scheme was presented. Meanwhile, a hierarchical power network parallel algorithm in interlaced alternating implicit transient stability approach was proposed and implemented. Numerical results of actual power networks have shown that the task scheduling scheme and the parallel network algorithm of transient stability analysis are efficient and scalable. Its implementation on cluster system can run much faster than real-time dynamic process. The parallel transient stability simulation shown in this paper can fulfill the requirements of real-time simulation for large-scale power grids.

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