An Effective Calculation Procedure for the Newton-Rapshon Power Flow Analysis

G. Radman and J. Schultz (USA)


Power Flow Analysis, Newton Raphson Method, Solution of Non-Linear Equations, Jaobian Matrix, Power System Operation.


: Newton-Raphson formulation for the solution of power flow problem in polar coordinates is reviewed. It is shown that in common practice, as presented in textbooks and other open literature, a large portion of the arithmetic operations that is common between the calculation of bus active/reactive power and the entries of the Jacobian Matrix is unnecessarily repeated. This paper presents a procedure that effectively avoids unnecessary repetition of the arithmetic operations in each iteration thus resulting in significant reduction of the calculation time. The procedure is applied for the power flow solution of the IEEE test cases: 14-bus, 30-bus, 57-bus, and 118-bus systems. Significant reduction in computation time is observed in each case.

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