Parallel Piecewise Solution Method for Solving Sparse Power Systems Equations on a MIMD Computer

C.H Cheung, K.W Chan, and K.F. Luk (PRC)


Power system dynamic stability simulation, real-time simulation, parallel processing, parallel sparse solution.


With the increase of size and complexity of interconnected power system, the dynamic stability simulation in time domain is becoming more time consuming. In order to speed up the dynamic analysis to meet the demands of real time simulation of large-scale power system, a parallel piecewise solution method is proposed for solving sparse network equations on a MIMD computer. A large grain parallel algorithm of LU factorization, forward and backward substitution is purposed and validated for the application of solving the time-consuming sparse network solution arising from the network analysis. This algorithm has been successfully incorporated to a conventional dynamic stability simulator for practical power system and the results conducted on 8 processors SGI origin 2100 is reported.

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