Lighting Networks Management using a G.I.S.

M. da G. Valera, M.J. Almeida, C.A. Barbosa, N.H. Gonçales, and O. Soares (Portugal)


Geographic Information Systems (GIS), EnergyManagement, Lighting Strategies


The main propose of this work is to visualize physical and electrical data of the constituent elements of the Public Lighting Network of the Urbanization of Vale de lvaro, in the city of Bragana in Portugal - Figure 1, in order to establish objectives strategically to increase energy efficiency. The first purpose is the creation of an application, supported by a Geographic Information System GIS, which will make possible energy management in order to allow an excellent scanning and management of the publics lighting networks and increase their efficiency and performance through the establishment of prevention/correction actions; energy management actions; simulation and optimisation, and other functions.

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