Possibility Forecasting and Solution of Transmission Congestion and Multi-attribute Evaluation

J. Sugimoto, M. Ishimaru, R. Yokoyama, and T. Niimura (Japan)


congestion, load curtailment, redispatch, electricity utility deregulation


In deregulated and competitive power systems, a congestion of transmission system can pose a major problem that is not only a physical threat to the security but also results in severe price hikes due to limited generation resources in particular local areas. From the above background, we suggest the method that can forecast and relief transmission congestion. Congestion point is forecasted by optimal power flow solutions, and can be relieved by curtailing a small portion of non-firm transactions. The acceptance level of congestion management process can be known by both simple and transparent indices introduced. The proposed approach is tested on a modified IEEE30 bus system

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