Efficient Approach in Modelling and Simulation of Dual Pressure Once-through Heat Recovery Steam Generator

G. Dituba Ngoma (Canada), A. Sadiki (Germany), and R. Wamkeue (Canada)


Power systems, HRSGs, Once-through Steam Generators, Numerical Simulation


The paper deals with modelling and numerical simulation of a dual-pressure once-through heat recovery steam generator used in combined-cycle gas and steam turbine power plants. The proposed analysis method leads to a better understanding of the generating system stability of both planning and design phases. Great improvements of steady state and dynamic performances of the system in operating condition could easily be contemplated from the above developed method. Simulations are performed in order to prove the effectiveness of the present work in model prediction of the dual once-through steam generator. The obtained results reveal the influence of the temperature and the mass flow rate of turbine exhaust gas on the steam generator prediction behaviors.

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