Development of Static Switchgear for Utility Interconnection in a Microgrid

H. Zhang, G. Venkataramanan (USA), and M. Chandorkar (India)


Distributed generation,Staticswitch, Synchronization control.


Conventional power generation systems are increasingly being been seen to be disadvantageous due to high levels of environment pollution and relatively low power quality. This is particularly true for sensitive industrial processes that depend on high power quality indices to maintain uninterrupted operation. In many cases, the use of a distributed generation system along with a fast utility interconnection device can dramatically mitigate power quality problems in a cost-effective manner. A static switch that enables rapid disconnection from the utility grid in case of power quality problems and seamless reconnection when the problem disappears is vital for such a solution to be viable. This paper discusses the development of a static switch for utility interconnection of distributed generation systems in a microgrid.

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