Cogeneration Power and Desalted Water Utilizing Peak Power Gas Turbines

M.A. Darwish and O. Al Hawaj (Kuwait)


Reverse osmosis, multi stage flash desalting, reverse osmosis desalting, power consumption, combined cycle.


Kuwait depends primarily on cogeneration power desalting plants CPDP for the production of power and desalted water. Presently only multi stage flash MSF desalting system are used to desalt seawater. These MSF units are combined with steam turbines and are supplied with steam extracted from turbines. The CPDP have gas turbines GT that are used only at peak load; and used only for few hours in July, and August. This paper presents new schemes to operate these GT all year around, except at peak load periods, to operate reverse osmosis RO desalting system. The RO system consumes about of the energy consumed by MSF system. Two LM6000 GT of 42 MW nominal power are suggested to be added to the Sabiya plant as peak load engines. These two units can produce 65.5 million imperial gallons per day MIGD, when operate as simple gas cycle. Addition of heat recovery steam generator HRSG can produce 52 kg/s of moderate pressure steam. This steam can operate MSF unit to produce additional 9.8 MIGD. If high pressure HRSG are used, an additional steam turbine of 45 MW capacity can be added to the two GT to form combined gas/steam CGST cycle plant. Then, the total power output would be 129 MW and can produce 100 MIGD. This improves the utilizability factor of the plant and reduce the cost of power and water.

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