Harmonic Elimination in Multilevel Converters

J.N. Chiasson, L. Tolbert, K. McKenzie, and Z. Du (USA)


Multilevel Converters, Harmonic Elimination, Resultants, Symmetric Polynomials


A method is presented to compute the switching angles in a multilevel converter so as to produce the required funda mental voltage while at the same time not generate higher order harmonics. Using a fundamental switching scheme, previous work has shown that this is possible only for spe cific ranges of the modulation index. Here it is shown for a three DC source multilevel inverter that, by modifying the switching scheme, one can extend the range of modulation indices for which the switching angles exist to achieve the fundamental while eliminating the 5th and 7th harmonics. In contrast to numerical techniques, the approach here pro duces all possible solutions.

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