Solid-state High Frequency Power Converters

I.S. Roth, M.P.J. Gaudreau, M.A. Kempkes, T.J. Hawkey, and J.M. Mulvaney (USA)


power converter, solid-state, power distribution, FACTS


In a recently completed Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant, DTI demonstrated the electronics and controls for an extremely low-distortion, quiet, and reliable 60 Hz to 400 Hz power converter (Figure 1). Its features include three-phase output power of 2 kW at 208 V, harmonic distortion at the switching frequency of less than 0.1%, and THD of less than 7% into a complex, non linear load. The power switching transistors (IGBTs) operate at 50 kHz. The complete Power Converter will also include auxiliary DC-DC power supplies, and operational controls. The next phase of this effort will qualify this design for Navy shipboard installation, and transition the converter into production for use in Navy submarines and ships. When combined with DTI's proprietary method of directly switching high voltages, this level of control will become a reality at multi-MW power levels for facility and utility power control. In this paper, we will describe the converter architecture, test results, and the scalability of this approach to multi-MW power levels.

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