DC Voltage Imbalance Control of 3-Level 3-Leg Split Inverter System

J. Tang, M.-C. Wong, and Y.-D. Han (PRC)


DC Voltage Imbalance, Power Quality Compensator, Inverter


: 3-Leg Split dc link converter topology is employed as the power quality compensator in 3-phase 4-wire system to compensate the reactive and harmonic currents as well as the neutral line current by 3-dimensaional PWM techniques. However, it suffers one of the operational drawbacks that is dc link voltage variation. In the recent research, a novel mathematical model of 3 Dimensional Pulse Width Modulation (3DPWM) control technique [1] was proposed to handle the compensating control issues for 3-leg Split dc Link Inverter. But, the dc voltage variation control is not considered in [1]. In this paper, a novel 3 Dimensional PWM control technique is proposed to handle the dc Link Voltage Variation Issue in 3-level 3-leg split dc link inverter as well as the current quality compensation control. This paper described the theory of 3DPWM, the analysis of the compensating control method and dc link voltage variation issue in 3-level system. The simulation and experimental results are given to address the effectiveness of this novel control technique.

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