A Rigorous Approach to Reduction of Harmonic Effects in Commercial Buildings

M.M. Abd El-Aziz, E. Abou El-Zahab, and W.M. El-Mamlouk (Egypt)


Power quality, Harmonic distortion, Active filter


This work presents harmonic measurements and analysis of power harmonic levels in a large building under construction. The measurements are conducted at the transformer low voltage side and at the panel that supplies the offices area in different time periods. The results indicate that the voltage total harmonic distortion does not exceed the allowable IEEE limit but current total harmonic distortion (THD) does exceed the IEEE limit during working hours. These problems can be overcome by rearranging the non-linear loads between the three phases and by using on-line UPS for the sensitive and expensive machines. A practical experiment was conducted, using sine wave harmonic conditioner (SWHC) in the incoming feeders for the panels supplying the major harmonic sources in the network. This practical experiment illustrates how the active filter is effective in reducing the current total harmonic distortion (THD) in the network, and therefore it can protect the electrical equipment from the harmful harmonic effects.

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