A Mathematical Technique for Estimation of Partial Discharge Inception Voltage at Different Pressures

E. Husain, A.Anwar, M.U. Zuberi, and A. Masood (India)


Partial Discharge, Electrical Insulation, Void Discharges and Interface Discharges.


In this paper we report a technique for estimating the Partial Discharge (PD) inception voltages in case of discharges occurring at the interface as well as in voids. Since occurrence of partial discharge is a phenomenon dependent on thickness of insulation, pressure in the gap, shape of void or cavity etc; all these parameters have to be taken into account. The computed values are valid in the pressure range of 0.067 kPa to 101.333 kPa and for gaps ranging from 0.001 cm to 11.0 cm. Computations are accurate to 3.5 % in the pt range of 0.0133 1400 kPa-cm. These computations are useful in understanding discharges in the insulation system of cables, capacitors, bushings or epoxy cast equipment which are dried and impregnated at low pressures and may contain gas pockets at sub-atmospheric pressures. These computations are also important and useful for high altitude insulation design and spacecraft insulation. The technique can be used for assessing partial discharge inception voltages in N2 and SF6 also.

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