Theoretical Simulation and Experimental Investigations of the Surge Response of a Tower Model of Vertical Conductor

M.O. Goni, P.T. Cheng, E. Kaneko, and H. Takahashi (Japan)


-- EMTP, Lightning surge, Numerical electromagnetic field analysis, Tower surge impedance, Vertical conductor.


-- This paper describes the theoretical, simulation and experimental investigations of the surge response of a vertical conductor, including the effects of ground surface and without ground surface. One of the authors of this paper derived the formula of the surge impedance in case with ground surface and with out ground surface. In this research, these theoretical formulas are examined by the simulation analysis of the vertical conductor using the Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC-2) as well as the experimental basis. The arrangement of the current lead wire in the vertical con ductor model to be analyzed here is verified with the simulation result of the equivalent circuit model by the EMTP.

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