The Inaccuracy and Insincerity of Real Faces

D.W. Cunningham, M. Breidt, M. Kleiner, C. Wallraven, and H.H. Bülthoff (Germany)


Facial Animation, Human/Computer Interaction, Percep tion, Psychophysics


An avatar who's behavior is unbelievable or easily misinterpreted will be an inefficient and possibly counter productive conversational partner. Here, we psychophys ically determined how recognizable and believable sev eral real expressions were. In general, there is systematic confusion between particular expressions. Critically, even these real facial expressions were not always understood or believed. The results also provide the ground work neces sary for a fine-grained analysis of the core components of these expressions. Some initial results from a model-based manipulation of the image sequences shows that such a de tailed analysis can be an invaluable aid in the synthesis of unambiguous and believable Avatars.

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