The Multiresolution Toolkit: Progressive Access for Regular Gridded Data

J. Clyne (USA)


Data Treatment and Visualization, Visualization Software, Progressive Data Access, Wavelets, Large Data


We present the Multiresolution Toolkit (MTK), a wavelet based software system for enabling progressive access to large, regular gridded data sets. Transformations into and out of the wavelet domain using our methods are highly efficient, permitting application users to make effective speed/quality tradeoffs. The transformations operate on floating point data, are simple to implement, and lossless, making our approach a viable alternative data representa tion format. The method may be easily incorporated into new or existing visualization and analysis tools with only minor modification. We demonstrate the utility of our sys tem by exploring a large turbulence simulation on a desktop workstation using a collection of multiresolution applica tions we have developed or extended with MTK.

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