Measurement of Lighting Environment using Imaging Spectrograph

Y. Manabe, K. Yoshimoto, M. Imura, and K. Chihara (Japan)


Image Acquisition, Spectral Image, Imaging Spectrograph, Lighting Environment


In this paper, we describe about a measurement method of a lighting environment such as a celestial sphere with the use of an imaging spectrograph and a fish-eye lens. To represent a modeled 3D object by computer graphics technique, lighting environment is very important. Especially, to represent a data with spectral reflectance as surface properties, the lighting condition with spectral distribution is necessary. So we propose the measurement method of the lighting environment with spectral distribution using the imaging spectrograph. The imaging spectrograph can measure only one line, so a turntable is used for measurement of whole celestial sphere. The experiment results show that the celestial sphere was measured by our proposed system.

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