A Color Image Coding Technique using Correlations between Color Components

T. Goto, T. Kitamura, T. Okumura, and E. Hayahara (Japan)


Image compression, Wavelet transform, Coding, Jpeg2000


RGB is the standard color format for most digital video input and output devices, such as display monitors. How ever, each component consisting of a natural image has a lot of redundancy. So, a color conversion, which is RGB to YCrCb, has been being used to reduce its redundancy in a color image compression. However, each component of a YCrCb signal has no correlation at the higher bit-rate, so compression performance is decreased. We propose a new color conversion which exploits the correlations be tween the color components. By implementing the pro posed method, the PSNR of the traditional conversion is higher than that of the proposed conversion at a higher bit rate. However, the difference in quality of the reconstructed images cannot be seen. And the PSNR of the traditional way rapidly deteriorates at a lower bit-rate. However, that of the proposed way deteriorates more slowly, therefore the proposed way can produce a better quality reconstructed image at a lower bit-rate. As a result, the examples demon strated that a better performance of color image coding can be obtained.

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