A Rigorous Evaluation of Progressive Image Transmission Methods for Telemicroscopy of Biological Specimens

V.G. Ruiz, J.J. Fernández, M.F. López, and I. García (Spain)


Discrete wavelet transform, progressive image transmis sion, SPIHT, JPEG, figures of merit in Telemicroscopy


This work presents a rigorous and objective evaluation of two progressive image transmission techniques in a frame work of telemicroscopy of biological specimens. First of all, a Lossless Progressive Image Codec (LPIC) which is based on a specific wavelet transform and an efficient en coding method is introduced. This system is then com pared to the standard Progressive-JPEG (P-JPEG) for the specific task of detecting biological specimens in the im ages progressively received by a biologist controlling a re mote transmission electron microscope (TEM). Both meth ods have been quantitatively compared by means of a task oriented methodology that guarantees an objective compar ison. The results that have been obtained allow to claim with statistical significance that our method outperforms the standard P-JPEG throughout the transmission process.

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