Invariant Image Retieval Using Color, Texture and Shape Information

R.S. Choraś (Poland)


Image databases, image feature extraction, image retrieval.


Current technology allows the acquisition, transmis sion, storing, and manipulation of large collections of im ages. Content based information retrieval is now a widely investigated issue that aims at allowing users of multime dia information systems to retrieve images coherent with a sample image. A way to achieve this goal is the automatic computation of features such as color, texture, shape, and position of objects within images, and the use of the fea tures as query terms. Feature extraction is a crucial part for any such retrieval systems. Current methods for feature extraction suffer from two main problems: firstly many methods do not retain any spatial information and secondly the problem of invariance with respect to standard transformation is still unsolved. In this paper we describe some results of a study on similar ity evaluation in image retrieval using shape, texture, color and object orientation and relative position as content fea tures. A simple system is also introduced that computes the feature descriptors and performs queries.

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