On-line Machine Vision System for Defect Detection in Sheet Metal Forming Processes: Positioning of Inspection-robot

F. Gayubo, M.A. González, J.I. Videla, E. de la Fuente, and F.M. Trespaderne (Spain)


Machine vision, appearance models, visual positioning,visual learning, sheet metal forming processes.


In this paper, we present an automatic system designed for recognition of metallic car parts and precise positioning the inspection-robot. This one is the first stage of an On line Machine Vision System for defect detection in sheet metal forming processes. The image acquisition system includes basically a CCD camera and an illumination system mounted on a robot. The inspection-robot displaces the image acquisition system over the pieces proceeding from the sheet metal forming line. The recognition, positioning and the later inspection are realized as the pieces are moving on a conveyor belt. To realize the recognition and to determine the precise position, we have used an Appearance-Based Method, based on a Principal Component Analysis (PCA).

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