Remote Rendering of Massively Textured 3D Scenes through Progressive Texture Maps

J.-E. Marvie and K. Bouatouch (France)


Rendering, Textures, Walkthrough, Streaming


In this paper we present a new progressive texture map (PTM) format that encodes the mipmap levels of a texture map into a compact and progressive way. In order to man age these PTMs for a purpose of remote visualisation of architectural 3D scenes, we make use of a space subdivi sion and a visibility computation algorithm that are per formed in a preprocessing step. In addition to this prepro cessing, we precompute a metric which is used during the navigation to select the texture mipmap levels to be down loaded and those to be added/removed to/from the graphics hardware memory. Thanks to these mechanisms, we gen erate and visualize scalable databases for architectural 3D scenes that contain a large number of high resolution tex ture maps. The visualisation system we propose is based on a client/server architecture and allows for the transmis sion and the visualization of 3D scenes using either a re mote server connected via low bandwidth networks or a local server. In addition our system automatically adapts to the power of the client machine.

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