A Solution to Dynamically Build an Interactive Visualization System to the DOLPHIN-FEW

P.J. Teixeira Matos and P. Rangel Henriques (Portugal)


Visual information systems/software, XML, compilers


DOLPHIN is a framework conceived to help the development of high-performance, multi-language and multi-architecture compilers. It includes several components, tools and, even some sub projects. One of them is the DOLPHIN Front-End for the Web that joins all the DOLPHIN goals related with the web, namely: the development of the web site; the implementation of an integrated development environment available (IDE)) via web for software development supported by a multi language retargetable DOLPHIN compiler; a Web integrated environment, to add to the core functions provided by DOLPHIN, new compiler components, allowing to test them; and a pedagogical application to help the teaching of topics related with compilers. Even with distinct objectives, the last two goals are quite similar, the main idea is to implement compilation routines on a whole and real environment (full compiler). Both require a solution to test and verify the behavior of the implemented compilation routines, using a Web browser. To accomplish this goal, a solution was implemented based on a hyper-text language (HTML), to analyze and visualize the code at the different stages of the compilation process. In this paper, it is presented a new solution to accomplish the same goal: analyze and visualize the intermediate and target code produced for the program under compilation, but now using a graphical and interactive representation, built dynamically from the XML representation by an application developed with Macromedia Flash/ActionScript.

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