Kalman Filter and 3D Warping based Image Prediction for Realtime Computer Generated Image Sequences

A. Kummert and M. Schnitzler (Germany)


image prediction, interactive simulation, computer gener ated images, 3D image warping, viewpoint prediction


Realtime computer based image generation is a challenging task in interactive simulation environments. In this context the unavoidable latency of such systems leads to various problems and degrades the performance of the visual sys tem. In order to overcome this problem an image prediction algorithm is proposed which is based on McMillan's 3D image warping algorithm and the prediction of the future viewpoint by means of Kalman filtering. In other words, two algorithmic concepts stemming from completely dif ferent areas of research are combined in a favourable man ner. Besides the reduction of latency effects the proposed method also admits to increase the frame rate of a given CGI (computer generated images) system. The quality of the predicted image sequence is the most interesting as pect. Hence, subjective and objective test results obtained via different realistic image sequences are discussed.

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