High-Definition 3DTV System using Asymmetrical Multiplexing and Hybrid Stereo Image Synthesis

G.S. Lee, N.H. Hur, Y.K. Hahm, and S.I. Lee (Korea)


3DTV, asymmetrical video multiplexing, hybrid stereo system, HDTV


In this paper, we present high-definition three dimensional TV system for reproducing the high resolution stereo images, which is using both an asymmetrical multiplexing technique of stereo images and a hybrid stereo image synthesis. In this technique, we introduce the innovative multiplexing method to decimate the stereo images into single image at a different rate each other. In the receiver, in addition to an interpolated image at a high resolution, the other high-resolution image is synthesized by using of correspondence at a low resolution processing. We analyze the effects of proposed methods, including stereo matching, image warping, and error correction. As a result, it is confirm that the subjective image quality of the processed stereoscopic images is enhanced with good performance.

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