Medulio: Development Enviroment to Create Content-based Image Retrieval Systems

D. García-Pérez, A. Mosquera, C. Ces, and M.G. Penedo (Spain)


Image Retrieval System, Image Features, Image Indexer


The current need for systems searching for images by vi sual features is going rise to a new research area. Tradi tionally, the image retrieval systems proposed in the litera ture are closed-like systems, facing a specific application. This paper introduces a new open architecture for image retrieval. This architecture, known as Medulio, is a tool to design content-based image retrieval systems. This new architecture assists in the design of scalable and modular systems. In addition, Medulio has the ability to deal with different kinds of image feature extractors, retrieval tech niques, user interfaces and several databases.

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