A Digital Image Watermarking Technique using Modulated Pascal's Triangles

H. Kostopoulos, S. Kandiliotis, I. Kostopoulos, and M. Xenos (Greece)


: Digital Watermarking, Color Images,Pascal's Triangles, IPR protection


A watermarking process introduces imperceptible changes to a digital image that can be next detected by a computer program. In this paper we present an algorithm that embeds a binary representation of a modulated Pascal's triangle into the blue channel of color images by modifying one of the Bit planes. The proposed technique aims at the protection of the rights of the image owner. The visual quality of the watermarked image has been measured with objective criteria (PSNR) and presented in this work along with subjective results. The proposed method is robust to common image processing operations like Filtering, and Cropping or even combined attacks.

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