A Pattern Recognition Approach for OFDM Frame Synchronization using General Purpose Processors

K. Nolan, P. Mackenzie, L. Doyle, and D. Flood (Ireland)


OFDM, Pattern Recognition, FFT, Frame Synchronization, Flexible Architecture Radio


We present findings relating to frame synchronization algorithms for software radio based OFDM systems and an overview of the design and implementation of an OFDM Software Radio based on a general-purpose processor (GPP) platform. The objectives of this work are to advance on existing research carried out in the area of low-power re configurable wireless flexible architecture nodes, which are subject to multi-path effects. We also include findings dealing with Bit Error Rate (BER) versus channel Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) for m-aryPSK modulation schemes, in addition to the effects due to non real-time Operating Systems (OS) based radios.

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