An Electronic Assistant for Automatic Control of Home-Appliances using Natural Speech and Distant Microphones

I. Potamitis, K. Georgila, P. Zervas, N. Fakotakis, and G. Kokkinakis (Greece)


Digital Signal Processing, Microphone Arrays. Adaptive Noise Cancellation, Home Automation, Speech Recognition.


We present an integrated system that uses speech as a natural input modality to provide user-friendly access to information and entertainment devices installed in a real home environment. The system is based on combining beamforming techniques and speech recognition. The general problem addressed in this work is that of hands free speech recognition in a reverberant room where users walk while engaged in a conversation in the presence of different types of house-specific noisy conditions (e.g. TV/radio broadcast, interfering speakers, ventilator/air condition noise, etc). The emphasis of this paper is on implementation details and practical considerations faced during system integration into a working system.

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