Synthetic Speech Evaluation: The SUS Approach and Implementation for Portuguese

M.J. Barros, D. Braga, L. Coelho, D. Freitas, and A. Moura (Portugal)


Semantically Unpredictable Sentences, Portuguese, Speech Intelligibility


In this paper a test proposal for European Portuguese (EP) synthetic speech quality evaluation as well as some of its applications are presented. For this purpose we have built a Semantically Unpredictable Sentences (SUS) corpus of 25 sentences with different lengths and varied syntactic characteristics that were chosen according to the standard EP phonological, syllabic and prosodic specific features. The goal of this work is to create a standard test linguistically focused that may constitute a platform for a more accurate comparison and ranking of different synthesis techniques. Moreover, we have applied the SUS test to a concatenative synthesizer. The sentences were synthesized and listened by different groups of people ranging from 18 to 38 years old. The results of the tests were analyzed according to several parameters specified below.

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