Non-Expansive Extension Methods for Biothogonal Filter Banks

M.E. Domínguez Jiménez (Spain)


Biorthogonal filters, boundary filters, signal extensions


In this paper we study linear extension of signals as a tech nique for processing finite length signals via biorthogonal filter banks. It is known that some signal extension me thods, such as symmetric extension, assure perfect recons truction (PR) of the original signal, but only when using linear phase filters. Thus, considering any biorthogonal 2 channel FIR filter bank as transformation cell, we give a new characterization of all the extension methods that pro vide PR without need of extra subband samples. In other words, we characterize all non-expansive extension me thods. We also illustrate some biorthogonal boundary fil ters (both in the analysis and in the synthesis stage) which are associated to the proposed transform.

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