A Genetic Algorithm for Resource Management in Multimedia-On-Demand Networks

S.-J. Kim and M. Choi (Korea)


Genetic Algorithm, Resource Management, Multimedia On-Demand, Joint Optimization, Location-Allocation Problem


In this paper, we propose a genetic algorithm (GA) to design a non-hierarchical and decentralized Multimedia On-Demand (MOD) network architecture. To optimize the MOD network resource, we take into consideration the joint optimization of both server location and storage allocation subject to the tradeoffs among installation cost for servers, program storage cost, and transmission (or communication) cost. In applying the proposed algorithm to the problem considered, many of components are elaborated to improve solution quality and computational efficiency: genetic representation, evaluation function, genetic operators and procedure. The results of extensive computational simulations showed that the proposed method provided a high quality solution in a reasonable amount of computation time.

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