A Generic Simulation and Optimization System for Robotic Surface Treatment

D. Sølvason, S. Thorkildsen, and H.G. Petersen (Denmark)


Process modelling, simulation, optimization


In this paper, we address the problem of developing a generic tool for Modelling and optimizing robotic surface treatment processes. More specifically, we show that we may in general divide the problem into the following quite disjoint sub problems: development of a model for the pro cess, development of a simulation tool based on the process model, development of a fitness function based on process specifications, development of a tool that optimizes the fit ness function using the simulation tool to compute it. We show that the user only needs to specify the process model and the fitness function. The rest of the machinery remains essentially the same over the various processes and tools. We conclude the paper by giving an example, where a 10-axis robot is to perform a spray painting job.

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