Next Generation ASP Platform: Business Processes, Requirements and System Architecture

T. Specht and T. Klostermann (Germany)


Application Service Providing, ASP, Portal


Application Service Providing (ASP) is an effective and efficient way to provide users within enterprise networks as well as over the Internet with up-to-date software applications and services from centrally located and administrated servers. Its main advantages are the simplification of software distribution and installation, the availability of the newest software versions and rental models for seldom-used software products. A European market study [1] carried out in summer 2003 delivered important input about functional, technical and organisational requirements from the developer's and provider's as well as from the business and private end user's point of view. This paper describes the requirements and business processes of a next generation ASP platform ASP-NG [2], models its main use cases and gives an overview of its system architecture. Furthermore, a typical screen is described in detail.

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