Towards an Automated Quality Assessment of UML-based Software Architectures

A. Günzler and D. von Roennebeck (Germany)


Software Architecture, Software Design, Unified Modeling Language, Quality Assurance, Quality Assessment, Met rics


Quality Assurance has become a crucial and indispensable constituent of modern software engineering processes. It is concerned with an overall inspection of development ac tivities and their results. In spite of the increasing size and complexity of large-scale software applications, an au tomated support for a model-based analysis of high-level quality aspects is currently missing. Therefore, we propose an automated quality assess ment of object-oriented software architecture models based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Quality aspects are examined by combining a couple of appropriate met rics. Thus, errors and flaws can be detected in an early stage of a development process in order to save time and keep development costs on schedule.

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