Eclectic Software Development Methodology and Successful Software Development

M.-G. Lee, P. Yu, and T.L. Jefferson (USA)


Software methodologies, software engineering, web based software engineering, process improvement, e government, and project management.


In some cases when software engineers choose to combine different mainstream methodologies to use in software development projects, the created combinations of methodologies work the best. The authors approach this occasion as a valuable asset in the software engineering field. The authors propose Eclectic Software Development Methodology, which is the use of the most appropriate techniques and methodologies at the right times throughout the course of the project. This proposed methodology is a pragmatic, not dogmatic, application of the best thinking in order to overcome challenges for ever-changing software goals, project organization, and procedures. This article provides a case study of the proposed methodology, which was developed and executed by a successful E-government web-application project of US Department of Defense program. The organization is Software Engineering Institute-Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3, and its standard software process is a conventional Waterfall process model. This case study selects activities from Rapid Application Development (RAD), Prototyping, WinWin Spiral model, Rational Unified Process, and Extreme Programming (XP).

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