A Logical Approach for Testing Requirements

K. Mu, Z. Jin, and R. Lu (PRC)


Software Requirements, Verification and Validation, Re quirements Testing, Annotated Predicate Calculus.


The requirements testing could assist developers to learn the behavior of system-to-be in certain environment. It may also be useful to clarify problematical information during the requirements stage. In this paper we present a logi cal approach to testing requirements based on Annotated Predicate Calculus. This approach provides a basis for au tomated requirements testing. A labelled Annotated Pred icate Calculus has been developed. And a paraconsistent logical approach has been provided to test requirements. Based on this framework, many other issues, such as the representation of the conceptual test case, the design of the testing process, and the analysis of the results of testing have been discussed in details.

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