Design of an Augmented Automatic Choosing Control of Anti-Windup Type for Nonlinear Systems with Constrained Inputs

T. Nawata and H. Takata (Japan)


Augmented Automatic Choosing Control, Nonlinear Contol, Anti-windup, Genetic Algorithm, Hamiltonian


In this paper we present a novel approach of a non-linear feedback control, which is called augmented automatic choosing control (AACC) of anti-windup type, for nonlinear systems with constrained inputs. Constant terms which arise from sectionwise linearization of a given nonlinear system are treated as coefficients of a stable zero dynamics. Parameters included in the control are suboptimally selected by the genetic algorithm so as to minimize a performance by made of the Hamiltonian and anti-windup measure. This approach is applied to a field excitation control problem of power system to demonstrate the splendidness of the AACC. Simulation results show that the new controller can improve performance remarkably well.

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